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A Letter From The Editor

For years, I have wanted to do something editorial. Something to hold all of my interests, like an artful piggy bank. All the cultural things I am interested in, but how? My gang are a group of hard working, fun loving people who are interested in a vast array of subjects. And I knew it needed to be graphic. But there are already too many good websites out there, and when I started exploring an online magazine, I found myself going down a virtual rabbit hole. Then, at the intersection of a let’s-finally-do-this and a come-to-my-knees moment, a man named Luca, a brilliant world class art director himself, said in a thick Italian accent, “You and technology… I don’t see the connection?”

The truth is I love paper. I read the paper every morning. It’s so fun to unveil a big enormous piece of content and then fold it to my choices of size and handheld origami. It’s a ritual that I am proud to display in front of my kids as we lay in bed together at the start of every day.

I love wallpapering my life with imagery. (Which is why in modern times, I also love Instagram, because it’s a pocket library/arsenal of never ending inspo imagery feeding you any time you are hungry.) I found a picture of my 12-year-old self so that I could remind myself of the fact that my world was literally wallpapered in magazines. From Interview Magazine to Revlon’s “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Campaign” (I later co-created all the campaigns for Covergirl with the man who actually worked on that back in the day.)

I have always loved photography – as a subject and eventually as a shooter myself. The camera that you see on the cover of this issue is tried and true. The photo is one that I took on the set of Charlie’s Angels. As I got ready in my trailer to go “undercover” in a curly blonde wig, I wanted to capture the platinum vixen moment with my trustee Pentax K1000 and grainy Kodak 3200 speed film - my favorite because its speed lets in the light, and you can capture things in a very impressionistic way.

Who says we always have to see the way our everyday eyes capture everything? Break the cycle. Scare yourself and say “What if we did this instead?” I believe none of these soul-searching question or aspirations get done alone. It only works with a team. And I love the people I work with. They are patient with me while I try to keep up with the world one minute, and beg to go back to the past the next. The Paper Effect to me is the analogue truth of my authentic self. I am who I am. Even though I am a mom, and run companies, and am proudly in my forties… I am still that young girl, who loves the tactile nature of paper.

And so, I present to you, our preview issue of Flower Press. Even though it is 2017, this girl, born in 1975, is going back to her roots. Hold it, fold it, or simply throw it on a table. I promise we will do our best to make it something worth holding onto. In this fast-paced world, we certainly have our work cut out for us but if we do it right, I hope you find us worthy of a place on your bedroom wall.